Saturday, January 7, 2012

And ... guess what?

I am listening to the funniest conversation between Peter and Matine, typing, and trying not to laugh...

Today is my birthday.  And I want blueberries and my friends will be there.  And guess what? The kangaroo will come home and that is when its my birthday.  The kangaroo will eat my birthday.  The kangaroo is going to break my chair.
Peter: Which chair?  
My chair.
Peter: How will he break it? 
He won't break it.
Peter:  How old will be you be?  
Guess what, I will be aaaallll the way big (arms up to the sky).
Peter:  I want you to be my little girl and not get too big. 
But I don't want to. I want to be big! And guess what?
When the kangaroo comes he will eat my birthday and he will jump way high and jump on me.  And guess what?  When the kangaroo comes he will come to our home.  Be outside.
Peter:  Have you seen one?  What color is a kangaroo? 
Black and white and it's tall.
Peter:  Have you seen a kangaroo? 
Yes, it's hopping outside.
Peter:  Right now?
No.  Later.
Peter:  Who's kangaroos friend? 
It's called family and Little.
I will jump on the kangaroo and it will be scary.
Peter:  Can they kick and buck? 
Peter:  Where would you ride the kangaroo? 
On it's back.
You can't ride on the tail.  I can.
You ride on it's back.  I will ride on its tail.
Peter:  Will it go fast or slow? 
Slow. So you can stay on.
Peter:  Do you need to poop or pee? 
No.  No pooping on people....

As I was finishing up typing this little dialogue I hear her in the bathroom negotiating with Peter that brushing her teeth "makes her sick."

I swear this is one of a thousand conversations like this each day.  The stuff that comes out of this kids mouth is hilarious!


taylor said...

too cute.
great memories to look back on.

Mel said...

I wish I had written more down from when the boys were that age. You would have though I documented everything, but a few hilarious nuggets slipped by. Tell Matine we ae on the lookout for kangaroos.

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