Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Cheering

We love December in Livingston!

Christmas tree adventures (this year I wimped out and bought a lovely little thing from the Boy Scouts), Holiday Stroll, Santa Claus, pretty decorations, matching PJ's, buying presents, and just general merriment and gathering of our favorite people.

This year I kicked it off by doing the Black Friday Shopping with Madeleine at 6am on Friday the 25th!  I can't believe it.  I swore I would never do such a thing, but let me tell you, I HAD A BLAST!   I think it was mainly because I got hours of uninterrupted time with my friend but I also loved the deals and getting most of my shopping done in one day!

That same weekend I was determined to get my decorating done and a tree found (purchased) and lights on so Matine could decorate the rest.  She LOVES the Christmas tree and all the pretty decorations.  Everytime she sees red, green, lights or sparkles, she yells, "Look Mom, it's Christmas!  Isn't it bootiful!"  She constantly goes around the house looking at all the Santas or snowmen or little trinkets and says, "this is my favorite, it's berry special."   Of course, being 2.5, ALL the ornaments are "mine!"

She is slowly getting the whole Santa coming thing.  She knows he comes on "Christmas Eve" and it is many days away.  She concluded that Santa "was sick" after I said we will make cookies for him and leave them as a Thank You for coming to visit us.  Apparently the only time I bake cookies is when people are sick?  Note to self... BAKE MORE! 

She has showed amazing restraint and not opened a single present under the tree.  One little box had a corner torn off and she showed me she did it before I even had to ask her about it. 

We took her to see the local production of "Annie" one weekend.  That was hilarious.  4 moms, 7 kids ... it was a bit of a junk show!  The kids actually did a great job, considering.  Some ants in the pants and some very LOUD, "where's Annie, I want more songs!" in the quiet theater, but we weren't (formally) asked to leave!  Victory!   Matine was singing, "tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya" over and over for days! 

Last Friday was Livingston's Christmas Stroll (check out Melynda's Stroll Post HERE) This is the great Northern Tradition of bundling your children up in so many layers they can hardly move, walking down Mainstreet and visiting all the Shops and Galleries and seeing all your friends who have been hiding since the Winds of Livingston started to blow (in early November).   The furniture store has Santa and Mrs Claus and do pictures on Santa's lap, the Title Company has a really creepy Frosty the Snowman (who we skipped entirely this year), the local Arts Center has a fun craft for kids (which the parents had to do because it involved hot glue guns), and the Historic Murray Hotel has carolers from the Highschool and a fun reading of the Polar Express.  

The "kids" activity that parents had to do .... hmmm

Making a pinecone ornament with Dad.

Hanging out after seeing Santa 

Listening to the Polar Express with 1/2 of Livingston  
All of our friends

The stroll was MUCH more exciting than in years past and seems to be growing.  This could be because I saw a set of triplets and 3 sets of twins within 20 minutes and 1 block (it's in the water man!).  The Murray reading was standing room only and packed to the gills.  Most of the downtown shops stayed open late and we even swarmed a restaurant and ate $3 pizzas at 8pm!   We literally took the entire restaurant over with 8 families and about 10 kids under 5 years of age!  They LOVED us!

Matine ALWAYS thrilled for a date-night with "her Logan."  Clearly she was telling him something important here. 

The Shoutis', Earls, Lynn's, Ericksons, Rogers', Vandergrift's, Howell's and Drimals

Other than that, we are enjoying our cozy mornings, hot tea, German pancakes, art projects, and occasional walks in the snow before it blows away.   I hear that Bridger Bowl will be opening this weekend, so we will hopefully be skiing by next weekend! 

Mattie's favorite food and only about 1000 calories per morning. 

This weekend we are going on a REAL train ride to the "North Pole" on the Polar Express and staying in a hotel with an indoor pool in Lewistown!  We can't wait!

How is YOUR Holiday going?


taylor said...

great pictures. i love the holidays too.
the picture of matine talking to her friend while he is coloring is so cute. that little face is so serious and precious.

Rachel Melone said...

Seriously! Mom and Dad are going to Lewistown on Sat. and staying the night at the Yogo Inn that night as well. How funny. Love that Montana can be so big, yet so small. :)

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