Saturday, December 31, 2011


We are ringing in the New Year in Dillon with Pete's sister Amy and Eric (and of course cousins Cash and Jhett).  The kids are having more fun than I could ever show you in pictures or words.  We occasionally have to break up a fight (usually involving sharing a tractor, hat or ball); but for the most part they disappear to "shoot monsters"  "jump on beds" and play with all their Christmas toys.  We can't keep clothes on Matine this trip (shocker) so most of the time she is feral in diaper only.  

We have a little bit of snow so they get kicked outside as much as possible to sled, throw snowballs, or their declared favorite activity of "falling in the snow."  

We went to Elkhorn Hot Springs in the Pioneer Mountains yesterday (a first for most of us) and it was heaven.  Snow all around, warm water and happy swimming babies.  Jhett and Matine are FISH and couldn't get enough.  Cash is still on the fence as to whether he really likes the water or not.   We have already planned a trip back to Elk Horn to rent a cabin and soak more.  There is a ton of cross country skiing practically out the cabin doors, a cute restaurant, and of course, hot natural spring water!   Our kind of place!  

Today we will head down to the arena on the La Cense Ranch where they are doing a bulldogging and break-a-way roping contest/benefit (yes, I just asked Eric and Peter what the heck that was).  Should entertain the kids for a while!  I am sure Matine will love an excuse to wear her chaps, gun and holster in public.

Tonight we will try to stay awake until midnight, eat some appetizers made of elk, and ring in the New Year with our family... We feel very lucky and happy to have had such a great year and look forward to a very eventful 2012!  

Our best to you - our friends and creepy stalkers on the world wide web!

Cheers,  The Howells


Rachel Melone said...

I love this post Brooke! sounds like the Melone's way of ringing in the New Year!! I love the picture of you all at the hot springs, too funny!! all the best to you guys, let's FOR SURE get together someday! :) Caed's really into antler shed hunting now so maybe someday we'll mosey on down your way for that. :)

Jacqueline said...

We want to go with you to Elkhorn Hot Springs!!

taylor said...

happy new year brooke!
that pic of you 3 in the water is adorable.

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