Thursday, October 27, 2011

She said what?

The biggest thing you readers are missing out on these days (my fault) are all the hilarious things that come out of our 2.5 year olds' mouth.  Here are a few that have made me chuckle.

After waking from a nap... and still laying in bed, "MOOOOMMMM, I am done.  Really done." and when I walk in and sit on the bed with her she says, "I slept well.  This bed is berry com-for-tuble."

She asks me, "mom, what you doing?" ALL the time.  Today I said, doing a little work on the computer.  And her reply was, "Good.  you are doing a berry good job."

After getting our "new chickens" after the sad demise of 3 of our other 4, she randomly asked me today if we were going to get "new dogs" too...

She is very excited about Halloween this year and when asked what she is going to do when she trick or treats she says, "say, TRICK and TREAT give me candy!"

She is still very interested in everyone's familial relations, especially daddys.  She asks everyone we meet and see, "where's your daddy?"

She informed Peter last week that he could "catch the elk but not 'boom' (shoot) them."  Instead we told her that he would only "boom" the trees, no elk."

Anytime you ask her something or tell her, let's go, or let's get ready, or a simple request of do this or that, her reply is usually a VERY enthusiastic, "well, OK!"

She loves pretending to be sick and asking for "medicine."

Everything is a baby these days - she coddles it (whatever it is), talks to it, feeds it, rocks it, and takes it all over the house.  The most recent babies have been:  a rock that weighed about as much as her, 2 crayons wrapped in a piece of paper, a can of coffee, a pumpkin, of course, the usual little plastic animals or actual baby dolls.

She still thinks time-out is a game and will tell me "i need time out?"  or very proudly announce (with a smile on her face) to others after a time-out, "I just had time-out!"

Last night at dinner she was told that if she had 2 bites of her potato soup she could have ice cream afterwards.  She took her two bites (one she actually dramatically gagged and spit it up on the table) and then she got some ice cream.  JimPa was still eating and she lifted her head and very sternly / seriously says to him, "JimPa, you have to finish your soup before you can have ice cream."   She told him.

She tells me things are her "favorite" a lot now.  That is my "favorite dress" or this is "my favorite color."

JimPa is really trying to confuse her and mess with her by teaching her pig latin... It's hilarious.  She tries repeating what he says and sometimes kind of gets it.  But the other day he called me, 'ommy-me" and she screams, "NO, that's just Mommy!"

Everytime someone comes to visit, we tell her where they came from and when they need to go she somehow can remember where they came from and say, "you have to back to Missoula?" or "You have to back to Billings?"  It's amazing.  She really pays attention to what we say and tell her!

There are a million other things I could write about but I have pregnant brain right now and it is blocked.  I will try to keep updating as they come to me!


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