Monday, October 31, 2011

Hunting in Dillon with the Hoffmanns

Peter spent a week hunting in the Dillon area with Eric, his dad Ken and uncle John.  Ken and John have been looking forward to this trip for about a year - practicing their shots each night together and talking about it quite a bit.   Pete put all our wall tents and hunting gear to good use and they all had quite the adventure, Pete getting to hunt for FUN for the first time in a while.  They were out for elk,  but had better luck with deer.  Oh well.  I think they had a nice trip and the weather couldn't have been prettier for them.

Fall in the mountains, ahhhhh.

Their cozy home away from home for the week. 

A neighboring Moose. 

I bet you couldn't tell that these guys were brothers ... or that they love John Deere green. 

taking a small break

You can't beat the Montana sunrise.

Second year in a row, Eric "scopes" himself in the face! 

Deer down! 

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