Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daddy Weekend

While I was in Dallas with my girlfriends, Matine spent the weekend with Peter.  They went to Dillon to hang out with Amy, Eric, Cash and Jhett.  It was eventful to say the least. 

Eric the Trout Slayer.

Matine got to go fishing with Dad for the first time.  Water, fish, her cousin, rocks.  What more could this little gal ask for?  Peter and Eric caught fish so they could "touch it" and "hold it."  If Matine could hold a man eating alligator she would.  The kid loves to snuggle and hold anything with a face.  She and Cash fought over her tricycle the entire time from what I hear.  Peter said as soon as the door would open to go outside it was a literal "race" out of the door to see who got to the bike first.  First one there had dibs.

Eric showing off his catch to the enthralled kids.

Cash was ready to land that fish!

Nothing cuter than an uncle teaching his nephew to fish.

She took her new balance bike/tricyle down there and had LOTS of room to roam and go fast, without the worry of streets and cars.  Bonus points came with the fact that there were lots of large holes in the muddy roads filled with water.  Apparently she had no qualms about soaking herself up to her belly with mud and water. 

Notice Cash stays outside the mud puddle, like a good boy.... Where is my kid? RIGHT in the middle, up to her knees!

"I hold you .... "
The big event of the weekend came when Matine and Cash were standing next to the lake throwing rocks.  Apparently she got a little too close and whoosh... she was under.  Fully submerged in the water.   Being the good dad I know he is, Pete yanked her out immediately.  After a second to catch her breath and a quick strip down, she was naked, wet, and now wearing dad's shirt.   I think this was her last outfit for the weekend and the other TWO outfits were filthy from rolling around in the mud puddles like a pig.  

This does not look like the face of remorse to me.....hmmmm.

I guess she wore Pete's shirt until he made it to the Patagonia outlet and bought her a darling new dress to wear home.   I usually pack her DOUBLE clothes for trips because she is just a ridiuclously messy kid, but I guess we need to start tripling the packing list. 

Notice her hands cupped and ready to hold it? 
I think we will just keep her naked this summer and avoid this whole dirty laundry problem all together.  

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lauren and brad said...

i love daddy week-ends! esp. if you get to be with me. :) and i LOVE that peter is wearing an o-state hat! too cool!

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