Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Triple Threat

Aunt Shell is here.  This means intensive baby spoiling.  Grandpa Scott just left.  This translates into a whole other level of fun and insanity for both Matine and Brooke.   Nona and Jim Pa are always on their A-game, ready for Montana adventures and ultimate grandparent awards.

i love my dad.  i really love my dad.

oh aunt shell, I am just going to take that entire hot chocolate from you.   can you just order yourself another one?  thanks.

Mom and Jim LOVE the Stockyard Cafe!
 Between the three parties, I have not had to do much this week but sit back, relax and watch them spoil our child rotten.  
helping her grandpas in fix up the garage

Pete got the right idea and hit the road to go fishing with friends in the RV.  Don't worry hun... I will get Mattie straightened back out before you get back ... I hope.

RV, boat, booze and fly fishing addicts = one happy husband

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