Thursday, May 19, 2011

Party 2

Matine's BIG birthday party was on Saturday, May 14th.  Lots of babies, lots of toys, lots of cake, and for the grown ups - lots of beer.  It was a success.  I don't think the last party goers left until 9:30 (and the party started at 4).  Mattie literally beamed as people sang her happy birthday (luckily, no singed hair or eyebrows at this celebration) and she loved having all her friends around!  I am so grateful for our amazing friends.   They are all so generous with their love and laughter.  We are lucky, lucky people. 

Camille found the dress up boxes in no time !

The spread. It was only appropriate to have a barn yard theme for this animal loving gal.

my sweet friend ... Jacqueline I love you!

The Rogers Clan passed on their playhouse to Mattie.  With a little TLC from me and the family it looked like new in no time and I swear she would sleep in it if she could (with her Barbie)

 Barbie, Matine and Anders doing some repairs

Devin couldn't get that darn car to drive in the grass... sorry buddy.

More singing! 

yay!  more candles too!

The pack of kids inhaling green icing.

Lucas gives all new meaning to the term "toddler"  - he is the cutest walker I have ever seen.

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