Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pig Pen Played Too Hard

Matine had her friends Camille and Audrey over for nearly the entire day.  My ears are still ringing from the high pitched skrieks and squeals.  Three girls.  Wow.  It was fun.  The house looks like a hurricane hit, and then hit again.   One the agenda for the day:  dress up, dancing, My Little Ponies, Kitchen-Pretend, "reading," collecting rocks in the yard, chasing dogs, sandbox, snacks, giggling, and more giggling. 

Somehow both Audrey and Camille came back inside looking as pristine as angels.  Then there is Matine ... Do you think she tried EATING the dirt or just rolling in it?

Matine is learning to share.  I say "learning" because we are far from mastery at this point.   After a lecture from me about "being nice to our friends and sharing - no grabbing out of their hands - just hugs and sharing." She looked at me and processed the info and immediately walked up to Audrey and gave her a huge bear hug from the back ... I felt so relieved and proud that she understood what I told her.  Then, as she was hugging her with one arm, she reached around with the other and stole the toy in question!  I think I just showed her how to be sneaky and deceivingly sweet while hoarding her toys and not sharing.   Oh Matine!

Needless to say, after dinner, a couple of front-yard bunny sightings, bedtime came and she CRASHED!  Crying for her "jammies" and crawling into her bed on her own. 

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