Friday, April 8, 2011

It's STILL SNOWING ... What DO we do?

Well, this is what we are resorted to do on a Sunday in April. Snow, wind, insanity... Go bowling in Livingston. It's always a fun experience. In terms of bowling alleys, it's quite clean and nice, they have kid bumpers, and we have a whopping SIX lanes! They even have kids size 6 for Matine size bowlers! She cried when I made her take off her "sparkles shoes" (thanks again Aunt Micca) and then cried when she had to take of her cool "velcro bowling" shoes when we left. Side note: The woman behind the counter had to ask me how to spell my name... No joke. She wasn't stuck on whether or not there was an "e" at the end or not ... No, she didn't know what came after the B-R .... I am not sure what to think about that.

Mattie enjoyed the experience, although she preferred to hang out behind the computer screens and mess with the buttons. I am pretty sure she reset the games so many times that Logan never actually scored past the 5th frame.
William was a pro and William was a pro and Madeleine only had to fetch about 1 dozen balls that were stuck in the lanes.

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