Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You have a baby .... In a BAR!

Yes, yes we do.   And so did a few other couples.  It's not as big a deal around here to take your kid to the Bar for dinner and let them run around and sing karaoke.  If you go early enough it's mellow and there isn't any loud music.  It's really one of the best ways to get some good visiting in with friends, enjoy a nice meal (outside the home) and entertain your children at the same time.  Oh, and dogs are usually found running around too...

Pizza at The Murray Bar is $5 any night of the week and it's not just any pizza, it's cooked next door at the 2nd Street Bistro (delicious).  The pluses to dining in a bar?  Well, kids don't really interrupt anyone and they can kind of run free. We aren't trying to keep them strapped in high chairs or worrying that they are talking too loud.  And if anyone did mind all that much, in the bar, they can just have another drink to wash their frustrations away!

Yes, that is Matine's pizza sitting on a napkin, of the floor of the Murray. Don't judge please.
A plastic cup, Foosball and wooden floor - Lucas is happy as a clam!
Emily multi-tasking while Sully enjoys his $5 pizza.
That is some pretty darn cute scenery if I must say so.  Lucas is ALMOST walking.

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