Monday, March 21, 2011

"more ski!"

Grandpa Scott is in town.  This means that we get to SKI!   Grandpa Scott's reason for living is to be in the mountains, skiing, with his kids.  Now that he has a Granddaughter to teach to ski .... well, you could just put a check-mark on his bucket list and call him "the happiest man on the planet." 

Thursday, Matine and I went to Bridger Bowl with Grandpa for the first ever "Three- Generations of Cottongim's Ski Day."  The commemorative t-shirts are in production as we speak.  It was a blast.  Matine was even MORE enthusiastic about skiing and was completely in love with the small lift on Snowflake.  After she heard Grandpa say once, "we're flying!" as we boarded the lift, she screamed it each time we got on the lift.  At the end of each run, she would look at me or Grandpa, grab our hands and scoot her way to the line again, saying, "more ski?"   Well, after that I think short of murdering puppies, Grandpa would do just about anything for her!  And vice versa.

We rented "real" skis and boots this time - no strap on skis.  She loved them and managed quite well.  She even tried to carry her own skis all over, while walking in the moon boots.

That is 2 thumbs up for all the fun we are having!

"we're flyin!!!!!!!!!"

Hey now, you aren't supposed to let me go too far by myself!

Grandpa treating Matine to some snacks and hot chocolate... A KEY ingredient in our ski fun.

Grandpa, but your helmet and goggles are so cool!

Proud momma an her little helmeted ski bunny.
It has been a great week - skiing on Thursday, Saturday and today, lots of relaxing and playing with Grandpa, trips to the gym to play with friends, dinners out, lovely brunches at Pine Creek ... Grandpa and Matine are having the time of their lives!


Jo said...

not to sound like too much of a city girl but i can't get over how fun it is that you are already teaching matine to ski!!! i'm so impressed with her AND with you!

lauren and brad said...

OH MY GOSH. I am impressed! She is a natural!

Carissa said...

Those pictures of her in the ski gear might be the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life...just sayin.

Aunt Susan said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! I am so glad Scott is a Grandpa. I knew he would be a great one. He is blessed to have a beautiful granddaughter like Matine but she is also blessed to have him as a grandfather. Life is good!!

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