Friday, February 11, 2011


For the Superbowl XLV or LVX or LSD, whatever ... we had Sally, Brian (and kids), Mom and Jim (and Annie), and Jessie (and baby Chloe) over.  It was nice.  Some food, a surprisingly large amount of beer (I only noticed because it took me about 3 trips to the recycle bins in the backyard), and a fun football game (which we never ever watch).   The kids had a blast terrorizing each other and every single toy in this entire house.   Seriously, Matine plays with about 1/4 of her toys and anytime other kids come over (especially older ones) it seems the experiment and touch or drag out every single piece to every single toy in the entire house.  I think Matine discovers she has certain toys only when other kids arrive. It's worth all the clean-up to watch these kids giggle, run, laugh, and imagine together.  They play until their cheeks are beat red and to hear the squeals ... ah, it's what you dream about when you hear "You are having a little girl!"  Again, I ask you friends, remind me how much I love the noise and squealing when she's 13 and this house is full of pre-teen hormones!

Until then, thank goodness for fun adult friends, kids to play with, and another Superbowl to give us the excuse to entertain a bit.

 Always having fun wit Dad...

 How many cute girls can you zip into a little tent?  Well, they managed 3 - Camille, Audrey and Matine.  All on their own they crammed themselves in, zipped it up, and escaped ... eventually.  They didn't understand why we wouldn't let the 8 month old baby go in with them....

 Who me?  The ringleader of all this fun?   No mom, I swear I didn't do it!

 Who's going to win?  Who's playing again?

These men sure have a spell on their little gals.  I think Matine is asking Brian to "taste" some of their "food" that they were cooking in the kitchen.  If not, she's just a terror with a whisk I guess.

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