Monday, December 20, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

Dear Santa,

My parents are calling this the "Twelve Days of Christmas."  I am not real sure what this Christmas thing is all about quite yet, but so far it means a bit of insanity and a whole lot of fun!

Day 1:  They take me to a fun Christmas Stroll in Livingston.  It was fun walking up and down the streets, seeing our friends, the pretty lights, hearing some fun music, and getting hot chocolate.  Well, it was fun until they tried to put me on this psychopaths lap.  Did they really think I would like it? 

Sorry "Santa,"  Not even a cute white cuddly teddy bear is going to lure me into that lap!
THEN, if the red suited guy wasn't bad enough, they tried to get me to enjoy the company of this super creepy thing that looks like it was from some sort of Stephen King novel.  Note to parents:  what are you thinking?  This does NOT bring about holiday cheer.

Disclaimer:  Even I wouldn't get closer than this camera to this thing.  He was weird.
Day 2:  The parents redeemed themselves by taking me to this VERY cool "Polar Express" story reading at the historical Murray Hotel.  This nice man (not in a freaky costume) read a very nice story on the balcony as me and my friends looked on.  They gave us cookies, bells to ring, and it was much more "Christmasy" for my taste. 

I ate 3 cookies.  And it was past my bed time.
Uh,  mom, do you all see that Sully is getting ready to eat ANOTHER one of those fake berries on the wreath?  Anybody?  Anyone here see what's going on? 

Day 3:  We picked the coldest day of the month thus far to "hunt" for a Christmas tree.  At least we didn't have to go far from the car, in fact, I just watched Mom and JimPa hack this beauty down while I stayed warm in the car with my Nona AND Nana!  That was fun for me.

The purple head is mom. 
But the best part of Day 3 was decorating the tree.  Since my Nana Jo is truly a professional tree decorator, this task was done in no time!  I helped hold the ladder and tangle the lights.

"I think you missed a branch Nana!"
Day 4:   Apparently no Christmas season is complete without enjoying the great outdoors.  I got to go skiing with mom, dad and the Waters cousins.  They too hunted for a tree and dragged it behind them with skis on.  Goofy adults.  They don't seem to catch on to how great it is with a seat on dad's back.  Best seat in the house I tell you!

I prefer to yell "go" to my dad and the dogs to make them go faster.

Day 5:  Since I am so young and mom thinks I am "clueless" about this whole gift thing at this age, they have decided to spread out the massive amount of presents that they and others have got me and let me open one a day until Christmas.  I am sure glad I played that "clueless" card... One of my favorite gifts so far has been this baby stroller.  If I could take it to bed with me I would.  There are already dents in the floor where I am lapping with it!

Day 6:  Mom and I get out and go for walks on the sunny days.  I also sit in the backpack while she shovels snow sometimes.   Suckers.... this riding on the back thing is awesome!

Day 7:   I am getting lots of lessons on "Santa" and "presents" and "baby Jesus."  Here JimPa is introducing me to Santa and teaching me how to say "Ho Ho Ho."  As long as I don't have to sit on his lap (creepy) I am fine.

Day 8 (and most other days):  Well, most days require me to bundle up in my snow suit.  I think my parents just like to see me waddle in it.  I have to wear it a lot!

Day 9:  It is SOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty wear I live Santa!  I hope you come visit in a few days.  The snow is magical and well, it's just a really pretty place.  Every day (not just day 9) I like to look at the snow.
Day 10:  Sledding!  Oh how fun it is to sit in dad's lap and go fast down a hill!  This picture is just funny because I look like I am scared of my own mother.

Day 11:  Another present!  So far, I have received my stroller, a very cute coin purse (with candy and pennies in it) from my aunt Michele, a cool ball, and this super sweet guitar from Dad!  I LOVE the guitar, play it every day and try to mimic Rodrigo y Gabriella on the DVD.  Dad sings me silly songs with it and I make mom play it so I can choreograph all the nursery songs I love with live music. "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" sounds great with a C chord.

Day 12:  Mom and dad were very excited about going to a Christmas Party at the Dowdell's house the other night.  Mom even wore heals and her dry clean only dress (big deal apparently).  I looked super cute too.  We were there for about 3 minutes when all of a sudden something came over me and I projectile vommited the length of my mother - in front of all who were at the party.  It was disgusting.  Mom smelled really bad and there was no "dabbing" of the clothes to enjoy the rest of the party.  We had to kindly leave. Santa, I hope that this puking incident doesn't put me on your naughty list.  I swear it was an accident.

Mom is sparing you any photos of Day 12.

Merry Christmas!


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