Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The hike that turned into sledding

What do they say, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry."  Starting to be the motto for my life.

"I will blog today."  --- reality:   I can't sit at a computer with a child remotely awake, unless I want it to be reprogrammed with little fingers banging and getting it to do things I didn't even think were possible.

"I will bake something today"  --- reality:  Child needs to "help" and I end up cleaning up flour and sugar from every crack in the house.

I will go for a run today!" --- reality:  Well, it just doesn't sound like that much fun and it's usually less enticing with blowing, frigid winds.  Can't  blame that one on the kid every time.

Last Saturday, we thought it would be nice to go for a nice hike and soak at Chico.  We did plan ahead and were aware that there would be snow, so we padded Matine from head to toe in Goretex and Down and brought sleds along.   We had the Rogers family join us too.  We thought: "hike a few miles and sled on the way down."

We made it maybe 500 yards from the trailhead parking lot.  We just sledded down the road we were supposed to keep walking on.   Oh well, it was a blast and yet another reminder that the "hard core" days are OVER (at least for about 12 years).  

once she was down, there was no getting back up. 

it was all hands on deck to manage this crew of bundled kids

Matine refused to ride with anyone but Logan.  She just wanted to lay on top of him.

Madeleine and baby Sophia

no sledding adventure is complete without chocolate chip cookies and a thermos of hot chocolate when you are finished.

those Rogers' sure do make some pretty babies!

I am glad our hiking plans went awry.  The five kids had a blast sitting on each others laps and racing down the road on the sleds.  We had just about as much fun chasing them and making sure they didn't plummet of the roads into the gullies. 

We did make it to Chico afterwords for a nice soak and some bloody marys.  That part of our adventures has stayed intact!

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Mel said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Where is this? We are all about sledding this year--it fits everyone's level of interest. Chico, too.

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