Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is summer over already?

You never know when you will see your last 80 degree day around here.   The last two weeks we have seen 90 degrees, some snow in the mountains, 38 degree mornings, and even some rain.  There is nothing like the Indian Summers of Montana, and we have had a few days resembling fall so far... I really hope to see more.  BUT, the summer was FANTASTIC.  It was our first full summer with Matine walking and playing and getting into all sorts of fun.  Her childhood has definitely been the highlight of our lives so far, and I am sure it will only get better.

She spent LOTS of time down the street with my mom and Jim (Nona and JimPa).  They were kind enough to watch her for at least a few hours / day a few days of the week (often more).  Not sure where we would be without the help of ALL our grandparents.  Joellyn got her fair share of Matine time too.... Thank goodness for family!

Here's a look back at some of our summer fun and adventures with the family this summer.

Lots of picnics outside at JimPa's house - I helped him shuck some corn!
Lots of family came to visit me!  I love Aunt Michele, Uncle Bob and Cousin Briana and Josh!
Lots of fun at the Farmers' Market.  I got to hang with my friends.  I love you Jacqueline!
I got spoiled with LOTS of treats - my how I love coconut cupcakes at the Farmer's Market.
I walked lots of dogs - Annie, Gaucho, Oliver and Brutus are my favorites!
BIKE RIDES!  They top my list of fun.  Doesn't my mom look awfully awful here?  Oops
Water is the best... Whether pools, hoses, buckets of water, or dog bowls. I managed to stay wet most every day!
I grew some more hair this summer... A bit crazy/fuzzy in the back and it looks a bit like a mullet, but mom sure is proud.
Nona Kerri has ALL my mom's old toys from childhood.  I enjoy playing with them a lot. Especially the farm set.
I did some hiking and sightseeing around the area.  I even have my very own Park Ranger Vest and hat.
Natural Bridge... Just a short 1 hour from home!
"Livingston Beach"  - our super fun swim hole just 10 minutes from the house, on the Yellowstone. LOTS of nude swimming going on!
Feeling good!
I can RUN through this water, all by myself!
Oh, and smear my entire head and body with mud.  Since I refused to wear my hat on this day, that is sunscreen on my head.  Add that to the mud and I looked GOOD!
Jim Pa sure adores me... He makes sure I am always cared for, clean and safe... What a lucky gal I am!
I am so cool.  I make even snack time look effortlessly chic.
 What will the fall hold?  I am not sure summer can be topped!  But, I am certain mom and dad will try and make it as much fun as possible!


lauren and brad said...

man you guys did a lot this summer! and make it look so much fun! maybe we all need to move to montana in the summertime!

Bibi said...

Oh Teeny - you look fabulous in your sunscreen hat!

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