Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We are American!

We celebrated Lady Liberty the good ol' American way - BBQ's, rodeos, watching sparkly things in the sky, some chickens, and cheap cans of warm beer - all with great friends from around the country!

It was grand!

Saturday, July 3rd - Livingston has a 3-day celebration for our Country's Birthday. We celebrated the 4th on the 3rd - at the Rodeo.

Justin and Taylor handing out the beer - yes, the concessionaires just hand you a whole box of cans. Did you know Bud Light Lime tastes like old Sprite when it's warm?

Yee Haw! Let's rodeo!

Pete and Justin, watching the cowboys get thrown through the air - the Oklahoma cowboys were winning this night of rodeo - Go Okies! I think the boys liked the barrel racing chicks the best. Me, I heart bull riders.

The grand, grand stand in Livingston - it was a gorgeous night! You could truly find all kinds of people - young old, ugly, beautiful, tight clothed, baggy clothed, rednecks and city slickers.

The good lookin' pick-up men. Did I mention yet how good looking cowboys are?

Fireworks! And all the dogs around town went crazy .... 3 nights in a row.

To the newly remodeled Mint Bar downtown ... Rounds for all!

Next day we recovered from our rodeo night and then went to Jim and Deb's BBQ. Cute kids, good food, pretty afternoon. Again, very "American."

Mila and Matine sharing their toys. Actually they were Devin's toys, but he was generous.

The Earls' have chickens! What fun. Mattie LOVED them. She wanted to blow the bubbles while in the chicken coop - do chickens like bubbles too?

Winter, Meg, twins Jack and Ruby, Levia and her chunky, hunky baby Lucas.

Happy Birthday America! We heart You.

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Meg Taylor said...

justin is cute

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