Sunday, July 4, 2010

Need some Americana?

Here's a dose of America for you!

It is so fun see and entire town triple and size and basically stop everything to enjoy the entire 4th of July weekend. You can't find a single business in town (except the bars) that still have staff in them during the Parade each year. It's Americana at it's best and we find it right here in Livingston. Three days of festivities, fireworks, events, music, festivals, parading, and of course RODEO!
Friday morning our dear, sweet organized friend Laurie went extra early to stake claim on some prime parade-watching real estate (shady side of the street corner, right in front of the Murray Bar) for the Cox's, Paynes, Blanks and Howells. Since our spot was saved with Laurie's white patio chairs by 6am, we were able to cocktail on her deck until it was time to saunter downtown at 3pm. If I become an afternoon drinker, I will officially blame Laurie for introducing us to the most delicious sweet tea vodka cocktails I have ever tasted! Yum. I might just post the recipe as soon as I talk her out of sharing it.

Here's the highlights and wonders of our quirky, small town Parade:

The high priced real estate and tenants - Caid, Mike, Brad, Laurie, Matine and Pete

The two cutest cowboys (under 10) that I have ever seen - ready to collect their candy loot. Caid even wore his spurs to get an edge on the competition.

What is more American than Girl Scouts pulling a little cowboy riding an antique Radio Flyer trike? This little dude's legs were moving so fast as he was pulled - it was hilarious!

Mattie with the best seat in the house
{side note: notice the nuns behind and to the left in the picture - I think we noticed them after "someone" had one too many sweet tea vodkas and may have yelled something like "show me your tits" to some cute firemen in the parade}

This will be Jeannette, Laurie and I in 40 years- gray haired, sassy, and cruisin' in a convertible in the Livingston Round Up Parade. These gals rock!

No real Montana parade is complete without some tribute to the Lewis and Clark Expedition and Sacajawea on a horse!

A very large mule pack string from another outfitter. Next year, Willow Ranch Outfitters and the Norwegian Fjords WILL be in this parade. Mark my words.

The VERY cool McNair Skate Park kids had an entire half pipe on the back of a truck - and skated. Very cool.

NOT so cool was THIS over forty and feeling foxy jean short man being pulled behind the kids on a skateboard. Eek.
{ you can insert your own thoughts and comments at this wondrous sight here }

Ah, the characters you find in Livingston. I swear THIS is why I live here.

Oh, hi Jeannette - is that Scott Cottongim as the face on the Trillion dollar bill being handed out? Cool. I didn't know you were into politics now dad!

This is pretty much what Laurie, Jeannette and I looked like the entire parade - we had commentary on just about EVERYTHING that walked past us... Would you expect anything less? I love my friends.

God Bless America!

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Anonymous said...

So now I know why you and PJ don't answer your cell phones. Down there on Main St. slosched up with those Montana versions of Ice Tea. Looks like a great P-rade! Post the recipe!


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