Saturday, June 19, 2010


We did it! We booked a ticket and got some therapy. That is best friend time-therapy in OKC. Matine was a super-trooper on the plane (even though it was right during her bed time). Will I fly at that time again? Hell no. Will I block the experience out of my mind. Yes. But doesn't seh look cute in her extra seat eating her snacks on the plane (with puppy, of course).

First full day with Aunt Mic - we SWAM and enjoyed the sun and heat! On this day in Edmond, it was 90+ degrees and it was SNOWING in Livingston.

There were a LOT of kids at this waterpark - but Matine only had eyes for Micca.

The real fun began when Mattie realized she could have her own private pool in the yard, be naked ALL day, and poop in the yard, WHILE playing with the garden hose and Cash-dog. This was her idea of Heaven on Earth.

Water baby in beautiful, green Oklahoma!

We finished off our first full Day in OKC with a good ol' Oklahoma truck ride to check on the Rasp's cows on their red-dirt lease land. By the end of this trip, Matine knew what "cows" where quite well. With the mooing, friendly (face licking) calves and cows just outside the yard, I think she thinks all cattle are like pets.

Next day --- Shopping with Mom and Micca and the anticipation of the arrival of Micca's larger-than-life dad, JP, and step-mom Patty. They came for the weekend too to help with the Rasp's First Annual Branding!


Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

she is so adorable and such a good kid!! I am so happy you had fun with your best bud!! I hope to see you after I get back from Washington on the 30th.

Anonymous said...

Nice little butt

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