Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

It's been a nice Holiday weekend! Thank you veterans and those who serve our country. I did do a lot of thinking and thanks for you this weekend. As I played and spent time with my friends and family, doing what we wanted, and doing it all under the comfort and peace of a free and amazing Country - I did realize that the price tag for my life, for the luxuries and joys that we so often overlook, comes with a very high price tag and is paid by some really selfless and brave people. Thank you is not enough.

Friday: the long awaited Sex adn the CIty movie with the gals! Jacqueline, Melynda, Abby, Madeleine and I and put on our finest MOntana duds (jeans and nice shirts) and headed to Bozangeles to see the movie. Cocktails and appy's at the Bay and lots of laughs at the "girls" and their ridiculously extravagant trip to the UAE. Sorry folks, I have NO pictures... what was I thinking?

Saturday: I toyed with the idea of running a 10k here in Livingston with a friend, but when we realized it might be sleeting or raining and 30 degrees, I opted NO. I know I have lost my motivation for running lately, but I figured that I really wouldn't be motivated with weather like that. It ended up being fairly nice so we hit some garage sales (and found some amazing things - kid chairs, lamps, clothes, kids clothes, books) and rode our bikes to the River to cheer on our kid-friends that were running the 1/2 mile kids run around the park. Matine LOVED standing on the road and cheering for the kids running. Her face lit up and she clapped and cheered and screamed "yaaaaayyyy!" Adorable. So were the little runners! Next year, she has got to do this.
We then enjoyed coffee at Chadz and then Pete went down the Valley and rode some of our horses... Got to get them ready for work in August. We have a couple of pack trips on the books and they need to be on their best behavior!
That night we had an impromptu afternoon BBQ with some friends. The kids (all 7 of them) played their little tails off and we enjoyed some grown-up time and made some fun summer plans.

this child LOVES her new chair - she grabs her books, kicks up a leg and reads to herself in it.

Sunday: I worked at Angler's West while Matine and Pete had some quality alone time. Cousin Marni came over for the night (yay, we have missed her). We cooked out and watched a movie.

Monday: Marni got to experience our sourdough pancakes and then Joellyn came over with a truck full of flowers for our window boxes! We planted and made the yard pretty, did some furniture rearranging, and they all played with Mattie while I finished up our kitchen project! What a great family we have... it was a lot of fun!

So, it's back to the daily grind - Matine finally wore herself out this morning by playing in her sandbox and went down for a late morning nap.... Thought I'd update you people on what we are up to before getting to my actual work.

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