Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oklahoma Meets the West

The week of Matine's First Birthday is also known as "when my great Oklahoma family came to visit" week.

Sorry to just now be getting these up. Truly, it is no reflection on the good time had by all!

Here's a recap:

They flew into beautiful Bozeman - snow capped mountains, typical spring weather .... Mid 60's with the chance of snow.

I will be your tour-guide for the week. "Fasten your seat belts, there is a lot to do!"

We toured Livingston - hitting all the shops that are open on a Sunday (1) and feeding our souls with coffee! T-shirts, shot glasses, and souvenirs for the poor people left at home? Check!

They had to meet our other four-legged family and see the shabby digs that they hang out at! Hi Attie!

Photo lessons from Clark - he had fun taking pictures of the barn with his camera.

Everyone smile and say, "yee-haw Cottongim." I am sure glad Aunt Susie had that walking stick right there. Don't want anyone defenseless from those vicious Fjords!

My best friend and brother Clark, Matine and me... Mattie loves Uncle Clark.

The whole fan-damily at Pine Creek Falls. I figured a good mid spring hike in variable terrain was a great way to introduce them to the great State. As you can see the hiking sticks are getting bigger in size and numbers!

My beautiful cousins - Ahna and Lacey.

My two dads. Jim and Scott. More sticks.

Walk! I swear you will love this!

No trip is complete without raising your cholesterol with a fine butter-filled Rib and Chop house meal. Here, Clark is likely making a semi-rude, but funny sarcastic observation.

Susie loved her dacquiri. Had to remind her that Montana's fruity drinks were just as tasty (and bigger) as she could find in the tropics!

Ahna, Lacey and Doug - trying new food and new drinks.

More walk abouts and tours of town. The dogs really enjoyed this part of their vacation.

Pretty Aunt Susie and Matine - so happy they are getting to know each other.

Brother and Sister - love love love.

No trip here is complete without a 12-hour day in Yellowstone! We were lucky enough to borrow a 15-passenger van and load EVERYONE and the baby into it for our marathon tour of America's First National Park. We saw elk, bison, ravens, snow, rain, sun, and a very large BOAR GRIZZLY! Oh, and I convinced the Okies to strip down to their skivvies and get in the boiling river when it was 40 degrees outside... Suckers!

Geez Brooke, this is fun (cold). What are we doing next (leaving?)... Smile!

Lacey is ready for her refreshing swim!

And of course, Matine got to have her family here for her FIRST BIRTHDAY (which you already saw pictures of).

It was a great week and I am SO lucky to have the most loving, fun, sweet, and generous family on the Planet. Love you Doug, Dad, Clark, Susie, Ahna and Lacey!

Come back soon.


lauren and brad said...

I love the "tour" of the trip! and I LOVE your short hair! It's adorable!

Jo said...

your hair is adorable and that barn pic is awesome!!

Meg Taylor said...

SOOOOOO FUN!!!!! lucky

Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

oh what fun!!! Lovely family you have indeed!!! and I LOVE the barn shot!!!Enjoy your week!

Aunt Susie said...

Makes me teary eyed looking at the pics of our week in Montana. I really, really, really do appreciate all the wonderful hospitality shown to us all. The trip was perfect but just too short! Matine is beautiful and such a joy to be around. I hope I will get to see you all again very soon. Love always!

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