Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Catch Up!

Very, very behind on the blogging. Don't give up on me yet. It has been so long, I need to tell you all that Matine is doing now that she is 16! Matine is now driving and kissing boys. Just kidding. She's not driving yet. She is however almost one year and hanging out with her boyfriends (she can't really help it - they are everywhere and oh, so cute)!

I am embarrassed to say that 2 weeks ago Emily asked me to watch Sully for a few hours and I am just now posting this cuteness. M loved it and so did the little Man. I posted the picture of the naked-baby pass-out aftermath a while back... but this is what led up to it.

So what do two cute 1-year-old's do for 4 hours?

They play with wands and princess sticks - we call this game "Harry Potter"

We crawl over each other to get to toys that we never noticed before and do lots of swapping spit with our "sippy cups" (we MUST drink from the others cup you know... never our own).

We giggle and laugh for no reason - "we are so silly!"

"See mom, I can laugh silly too!"

We check out the dogs playing outside -- wish we could be back out there again!

Drink break! Boy am I thirsty!

Stuffed animal check - "Monkey is still here. And mine. Check. Puppy is still here. Whew, close call."

Must fall down on the floor and just rest. This playing is hard stuff! I don't think I'll take a nap in the room, Brooke. The living room floor is just fine, and this way, I won't miss anything. Thanks!"

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Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

These two little ones are So adorable and such sweet kiddos!!

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