Friday, April 9, 2010

Matine had BOYS in her tub

Shhhhh..... Don't tell dad!

The Rogers' Brothers came over to use our facilities this weekend. Poor Madeleine and Mike, their water heater decided to kick the bucket on Good Friday. This means, absolutely NO ONE working on Easter Weekend even if they could find a part at 4pm on Friday afternoon.

After 2 days of boys with no baths, they broke down and came over to use ours. Matine was thrilled to have two cute boys frolic in her bathtub AND get to stay up past her bedtime and play with them.

It was one tub of cuteness, I must say!

These boys are so long and lean compared to our bumble of a baby...

"My my, what do we have here?"

I think this sealed the deal on Matine's Logan crush... She LOVES anything this boy does.

Is he giving me my paci or taking it? Either way, William's alright by me!

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