Monday, April 5, 2010

Faithful Blog friends come to visit

Paul and Laura are friends, fishing buddies, and faithful blog readers. In fact, they just made a 10 hour drive to their new home in Hamilton, MT from Minnesota. You know what kept them entertained on their drive? Well, Laura read the blog outloud to Paul as he drove. Who knew this little random blog would provide for so much entertainment for folks!

Well, on their way to their new Montana home, they stopped in Livingston for some windy fishing (we are talking 30mph winds on the river - yes, Pete was exhausted), and some dinner. Dad is in town right now too, so we all hit our favorite spot - the 2nd Street Bistro and gorged ourselves on lots of appys, cocktails and entrees. Paul and Laura are definitely Team Matine and they got to finally see her in person and experience her funny antics.

Hi Paul - Gotcha - you are on the blog now!

Matine loved Laura almost as much as her bistro fries - it was even better dipped in shrimp bisque - yyyuuuuuummmm.

But it was REALLY fun to eat bisque-y fries upside down!

Saying goodbye - see you soon Cronins!

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