Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A.D.D. List

I actually have a few minutes of complete and utter silence at my house. Oliver is not barking or pawing at me for no apparent reason for the first time in days. My dad is in town, but wanted some alone time and is at his house, likely in A.D.D. mode and trying to install his last remaining ceiling fan for his Livingston house. I am sure I will call him in an hour and he will have taken the light bulb out of the current one and maybe done 1/2 a load of laundry and drank a beer. I love that man, and I freely admit (as you can tell by this blog post already) that I too have A.D.D tendencies.

So, again, silence. Quiet. No agenda today. All that needs to be done is get dad to the airport by 3:30 today. This is unheard of! I might as well make a list of what's in my head- be scared.

1. Our kitchen remodel is ALMOST complete - drywall and painting done. Ikea cabinet and shelf installed. Watching dad, Peter and our friend Brian install the cabinet and shelf was hilarious! My father almost put a few enormous holes in our wall... Dad and Woodstock Cabinet Co. will be shipping me new cabinet doors in 2 weeks, I will paint them, and THEN my kitchen will be amazing!
2. I am sick of the constant mess and disorganization that we have been living in the last month. When the kitchen is being remodeled, NOTHING else can be organized in a house - I am convinced. My drinking glasses have been stored in the living room, there's drywall dust in the skillets, and the sinks have been filled with paint cans and brushes. ugh...
3. Brutus looks really, really cute with his new shave. Should have done it years ago.
4. Pete is gone until Saturday - Steelhead fishing in Idaho with our friend Brian. Glad he's there - he needed a break from me and time with dudes - I can be unbearable sometimes. There, I admit it.
5. My "self employment" as a marketing & development specialist is looking up! More work on the books and some good prospects popping up. Things DO work out, you just have to believe.
6. We have a nearly FULL hunting camp booked for Fall - VERY very exciting! Go Pete. So proud of him.
7. Matine might be cutting some more teeth - nasty diapers and a bit irritable. When she gets woken up in the middle of the night, something is up - that gal likes her sleep way too much.
8. I am cursing Madeleine for making chocolate chip banana bread for me - I have nearly eaten the entire loaf all by myself.
9. I bought new jeans last week for the first time since, well truly, since 2003 (I am not counting the 2 pairs of $1 thrift store jeans). I bought a size that was smaller than I was before Matine - I was excited.
10. This does not mean that I am in shape AT ALL! In fact, I think it's because I have lost ALL muscle mass - I need to run or lift weights.
11. To combat my thinner, yet less in shape body, I asked my workout guru - Clark - to design an at home workout routine for me.
12. I will start it tomorrow :)
13. I am sad to see Dad go - I've had a great time with him this week. Glad he will be back in May.
14. MORE family is coming in May - Clark, his friend "Richie" (What?), Aunt Susie, Cousins Ahna and Lacey, and my Uncle Doug - it's going to be great!
15. Matine's first birthday party will be "Dog Themed" - all ideas are welcome
16. The weatherman on our lame news channel this morning name was "Ferdinand Furer" - I am not joking. Who has that name except characters from Spanish Invasion movies? He needs to wear armor and carry a sword while doing the weather.
17. I miss Micca - I always miss Micca. I wish I can $$ to crash her upcoming vacation to Mexico. Anyone feeling generous, send me pesos.
18. I am excited to play with my mom's new iPad in a few weeks when they get back to Montana - where they belong!
19. My back hurts because I had to contort myself in order for all three dogs to sleep on the bed with me last night.
20. How do they know Pete's gone - they only try to get up there when they know I am alone in the bed!
21. I am not impressed with American Idol this year - from the bit I have seen the only contestant worth anything is Crystal Bowersox. She's good. But she has bad teeth.
22. I have decided I need to start a real photo album for each year - I am afraid I will die with pictures of my life only on the internet.
23. Modern Family is my new favorite show of all time - I like to watch episodes over and over on Hulu.
24. I have great friends and I miss the ones I have not seen in a while - you know who you are. I need to be more social. I need more hours in a day.
25. Matine won't quit saying "hi" very enthusiastically to me and anyone she sees. She hands me the phone now and wants me to put it to my ear, call people and say "hi!" She also makes duck lips, scrunches her nose and breathes heavily when she crawls these days - like she's working out or lifting weights. Hilarious to see.
26. I hope I remember to feed the fish for Peter these next few days.
27. I will either get Matine wooden blocks, a cool wooden fishing pole set with magnetic fish, or a wooden car-vehicle of some sort that she can push - for her birthday. What do you think? Maybe I will do a survey kind of post to get a consensus!
28. I am going to be THIRTY in 22 days!!!!!!!!!
29. The Blind Side movie was really good.
30. This list of 30 things just happens to be how old I will be! Ha!


Jo said...

great list! i LOVE lists!
i made declan a play kitchen for his 1st birthday a few weeks ago....i think maybe i forgot to send you the latest picasa album but i will now so you can see the pics of it.
he also got super awesome wood blocks for christmas that he loves!

Taylor said...

i love your blog-so fun to read! I love making lists too. and I LOVE Modern Family-SOOO funny. I still need to see the Blind Side exciting that your kitchen remodel is almost done. ~taylor

Jacqueline said...

Thank You for telling me about Modern Family!! We love it. and yes, Bowersox has horrible teeth!
I vote for a wooden cart/car thing.

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