Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cart Riders

We all grew up with cousins on some level. My dad had 52 first cousins (from just ONE side of the family), I grew up with a slew of them from mom and dad's side, Peter spent his summers in Minnesota with all of his many fellow family. They really make for a lot of memories in a kids life... We know Cash, Matine and baby Jhett (soon arriving in April) will terrorize, plot, laugh, and explore together too. It starts in the aisles of Murdoch's.

Matine has to stand and jabber in the carts -- this is pre-crash when she went tumbling down and banging her perfectly round head on the hard, cold metal. Hey, we figure it might keep her out of prison?

Cash LOVES balloons. Give this kid a balloon and he's happy. Tie them to his legs and let him run around - even happier! Just don't let any get away from him in a parking lot or car - then we have nuclear meltdown.

This trip to Murdoch's (our local ranch and home supply store) Cash got some new Wranglers that are oh' so cute. Matine got Ivermectin - it takes lice out of cows. Kidding, Peter got the Ivermectin for the Titeca's and proceeded to help them de-louse on the Ranch last week.

Matine doesn't have to worry about lice just yet. I think we need hair first.

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