Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome to our lives, Desmond!

My dear, dear friend Suzanne (best friend from highschool, college roommate, lifetime friend) and her husband Brian have spent the last year preparing to meet their adopted son. He is a BEAUTIFUL Rwandan boy who they have named, Desmond Duke.

This week was the week. They flew from their home in Los Angeles to Rwanda to finally meet him and bring him HOME!

Here's a link to her blog (which outlines the entire journey). These pictures have left me a sobbing mess here in my kitchen at 8:30pm. I see parents become mothers and fathers through adoption, their own childbirth - and pictures like these, faces like theirs, show that parenthood comes in every form imaginable and that this little boy has changed them - just like that -in an instant .... Sue, you will never know love like this. I am so happy for you and your family! Matine can't wait to show Desmond how to ride horses, ski, fish, chase dogs, and hike up a mountain!

The Watsons!

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Meg Taylor said...

sooo awesome! just read their entire blog!!!

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