Saturday, January 30, 2010

We Bashed

Well, we kicked off Pete's 35th Year with lots of family, friends, and gut aches. Pete got a family day with Joellyn, Dad, Matine and I -- skiing, sauna, hot tub, a new recipe at home -mussels and fries -- all in a day.

Then on Friday, in our usual Howell fashion, we invited everyone we know to our home for lots of food and lots of beer. 45 people somehow ate personal pizzas, could navigate through our tiny house, and seemed to enjoy themselves. It was great to socialize with our friends who we don't see often enough these days! Happy Birthday Love, YOU are loved!

Skiing up Mill Creek. Matine sleeps in the chariot behind.

Grandpa Scott and Nana Jo - Rockin' it on the trail.

Delicious Mussels and Fries and the best company around.

Pete's first love - his dog.

Brutus eying the disheveled Red Velvet Disaster.

No, the cake is not on fire - that's just 35 candles on a cake (and one to grow on)!

Talk about love. Grandpa Scott and Matine are 2 peas in a pod. She ADORES his stories, his games, his face, ANYTHING Grandpa.

Pete and the boys at the party. What are they doing. Why, watching hunting videos on the internet of course.

Rob and Annie joined the fun!

It was a Baby Zoo! You had to be careful not to step on a walking, crawling or running child. At least no one was surprised at our 6pm party start time. These kiddos crashed by 7:30!
Matine is the gal in the pink party dress and furry party boots - of course.

Dad partied like his rock-star self and ALSO helped man the multiple pizza ovens!

Megan and baby Elias made their social debut! It was a big night and Eli did great. I know how nerve racking it is to bring your newborn out in public for the first time - thanks for coming Meg!

The O'Connors brought their beauties - Sally, Audrey and Camille (not pictured)

Mike and Wolf chatting it up.

New Momma Levia, beautiful baby Lucas and hot chick Jeannette - a party cannot happen with out them!

Brian and Camille - it's time to go to bed I think.

Caid Cox is growing up! And I want his hair.

Brad and I. Hambone.

Levia, Lucas, Madeleine, Baby #3 in Belly, and Prince William. Yes, Livingston is fertile.

He IS a Hottie!

Jason, William and Pete

Amy, Eric and Cash came for the weekend too!!! Unfortunately, I didn't get a single picture of the Cash-man, as he moved around the house, weaving in and out of people all night, they were literally all blurry. But I did get a picture of their newest puppy - NEWT - he's adorable, cuddly, fluffy, and really sweet. Who new Corgies were so darn cute.


Anonymous said...

WHAT A BLAST!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE!! WISH WE COULD HAVE BEEN THERE. You are amazing for doing 45 minature pizzas!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great party!! So sorry we missed it!
Linda and Ron

PS. How is the ticket search coming?

lauren and brad said...

Man you guys know how to party! Happy Birthday Pete!

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Anonymous said...

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