Saturday, December 19, 2009

We Let our Child Play with Beer Cans

Ah the Holidays. It's a time for love, cheer, friendship, drinking too much, spending too much, being busy, fat pants, and for Matine, being the center of attention!

We have been hitting the Holiday Open House, Holiday Party, Holiday Lunch and Holiday Event circuit! Whew... we are pooped and it's only the 19th.

We excitedly dressed Matine in her darling new pink cable knit sweater and matching hat (thanks Auntie Heidi) for the Sweetwater Flyfishing Christmas Open House. All our favorite fisherman friends, wives, babies and dogs were there. Matine was dressed to the nines and ready for a party. We mix and mingle, holding sweet M as she proceeds to greet and "talk" to anyone that even looks at her... "Blaaaahhh Blaaahhh AHHHHHHHHHHH" was the gist of the conversation. She got really fired up when we stuck her in front of another friends 8-month old baby boy, Caleb. They were simpatico. They carried on a babble conversation for a good 20 minutes. Caleb would lean forward and "kiss" Matine (drooly and open mouthed of course), she tried holding his hand and they just cracked each other (and everyone watching) up for a good while.

Peter and I enjoyed the standard fly fisherman's beverage - PBR in a can - and with the empty can, Matine proceeded to play. I heard a few warnings from other moms (and me) that she might cut herself with the sharp opening... Naaahh... "she's fine, look, she loves it!"

I visit with some friends, turn back to see Matine, giggly and having the time of her life in daddy's arms, and COVERED in her own blood. Her cute little finger was hardly nicked but bleeding like a stuffed pig. Gasp. Poor baby. Oops. Bad Parents.

She wasn't fazed. She was at a party, getting LOTS of smiles and attention from lots of cute men and pretty gals. Oh well, thanks to my Mom I have a great new stain remover that will take the baby blood right out. On with the party.

She is put on the floor to play with her new boyfriend some more. Covered in blood and drool, and now attracting attention from the toddlers at the party (it must have been the high pitched squeals of excitement that they liked?), Matine is surrounded by little kids, convinced she is "their little doll" to play with. Little Griffin brought over a little plastic cup of water and put it on the floor in front of Matine. The next thing I see, our beautiful baby girl is licking water out of the cup like a dog! Literally lapping it up, head in cup. Laughter from adults and toddlers alike ensues.

I had a revelation as I picked our bloody, wet, red cheeked, cackling baby up... "We have that kid." You know the one that shows up at a party all cute and unassuming but ends up getting everyone all riled up and then leaves dirty, missing a shoe (or tooth) and covered in mud. We have a LONG road ahead I think.

Well, it was past her bedtime and she was showing no signs of leaving this party before the bartender. So, we drug her out. As soon as she sees us leaving the crying started. I really don't think our 7-month old baby wanted to leave the PBR party. Bloody sweater and all, we put sweet Matine into her dog bed to sleep.

She slept all night (which we do now... ALLLLLL night - yay for me!) and awoke ready for the festivities the next day.

So, Friday... I had a little gals only get together at Deb's house - we had the first Annual Holiday Cookie Decorating Party at her house. It was grand. Sprinkles, cookie dough, wine at 3:30 in the afternoon, funny girls - what more do you need really?

Debbie in her cookie kitchen

Raluca and Zori... Ah Zori

No party is complete without a funny picture of Jeannette

I hurried home to join Peter and a well rested Matine at the Cajune's Holiday Party. What a spread they put out! It was really indescribable.

Beautiful party invites made by our friend Jenny and her new biz F Street Letterpress!

I felt like it was Martha Stewart meets Tom Cruise in Cocktail AND we got to dress up and look "Montana Sassy." Vedra cooked a ridiculous amount of gourmet appetizers, entrees, and desserts - all from scratch, all completely unique, and mouthwatering. Jason was buzzing around serving up the tastiest drinks I have had in a long time. The company was perfect and it was what a Christmas gathering of friends should be.

Matine and her prize - a celery stalk. Reminder to friends and family: a piece of celery is the PERFECT toy - no presents, ever, please.

Matine was the only baby (only teeny babies were allowed as long as we shared her). She was a gem - of course, she was in her element. Again she amused the guests, loved to be held by anyone, made babbling conversation and even seemed to "listen" to people's conversations, occasionally adding her 2 cents. I only have one picture of her at the Party, holding her celery stick (which she didn't let go of the ENTIRE night). Super photog Meggan took lots of photos and will surely have them on her Blog soon... I will let you know).

Vedra buzzing in her beautiful kitchen that supplied us lots of tasty morsels

Today we siesta and catch up on our sleep, tomorrow time with Libby and Abby and then Madeleine's B-Day/Holiday Party.

I guess the weary will finally rest when we get to Dillon for the 5-day Christmas with Amy, Eric, Cash and Joellyn? Unlikely.

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Mel said...

We like to use a beer bottle to entertain our babies. Supervised, of course.

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