Wednesday, December 9, 2009

True Story

It has been really, really cold here. Yesterday it was -24 in Bozeman and about -12 here in Livingston when we woke up. Thanks to modern conveniences, we keep our house nice and toasty with central heat and a massive wood burning stove.

I was scheduled to help some friends out and work their retail shop downtown at 3pm yesterday, and that was my ONLY scheduled outing for the day. Peter even complained of the cold on this day ... and he never does. He chopped some wood outside for a few minutes and he nearly had to amputate his digits. The following conversation takes place with my husband, a man.

Brooke: "I am going to get the car started here in a few minutes so it has plenty of time to warm up before I have to leave for work."

Peter: "Seriously? It is really hard on the car to drive it in this weather."

Brooke: "I know, and that is why I am giving it nearly 40 minutes to warm up."

Peter: "It is really bad on the car to drive it this cold, why don't you just walk to work."

Brooke: Speechless, dumbfounded look on face.

Peter: Staring blankly back at Brooke

Brooke: "I am going to drive the car. I think it might be worse on the WIFE to WALK 15 minutes than for the car to have to suck it up and drive me there."

Ahhhh. Male logic. I guess a popsicle for a wife is better than a broken car?


Carissa said...

They just don't get it. They never will! :)

kerri said...

this would be a funny story if not true!

Jacqueline said...

Really Peter...Really?!?!?

Growing up Gwyneth said...

I bet he will never hear the end of this from ANYONE!!!

lauren and brad said...

you have got to be kidding.

i think it's cold here and it was only 12 this morning. I can't believe you can even make it out to your car to warm it up!

Meg Taylor said...

happy you're not a popcicle!

Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

Popsicle!!! hilarious!!! I love it!

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