Monday, December 28, 2009

Peace at Christmas

To have a child at Christmas was magical. We spent 6 days with Amy, Eric and Cash and Nana Jo in Dillon. We started our own new "family traditions" for Christmas and continued the old.

I am so thankful for a family that made Christmas special and magical. From the deep belief in Santa, to stopping to remember what the season is really about, showering kids with love and gifts (big and small), gathering with family, eating special foods, making lasting memories by simply being together. I am so grateful I have this and more to pass on to our little girl. As I looked at her all rosy cheeked and innocent, I saw how much lies ahead for her. We will make her holidays, and most importantly, her life as meaningful and magical as we choose. She deserves peace, wonder, imagination, and so much love.

Geez we are lucky to have her. We sat around so amazed by how wonderful our kids were. Amy and Eric, just as adoring of Little Cash Man. He was something else. He is 15 months and full of tricks and laughs and games. He LOVES to make people laugh. He moved around the house with his darling little walk, pointing to anything and everything, exclaiming "Whasss sssattt." We have discovered is Cash language for "What's That?" That statement, Dadda, and Up are about he extent of his outward vocabulary right now, but you can see the determined and observant look in his eye. That boy is going to start speaking complete sentences over night... he doesn't miss a single thing! He has some PINK snow boots which he insists on wearing around the house, with his pj's, with just his diaper, and to his dad's shagrin, everywhere around town! It is so funny to see the boys boy with cowboy neckties, wrangler jeans and PINK boots. He loves to walk into a room with people wearing hats. He will circle the house, coming back in with a new hat each time, waiting for everyone to laugh and clap for him. You can see how proud he is of himself.

And with Matine, "the baby," he is so sweet. He gently pets her head, tries to give her drink of water out of empty cups, he brings her toys (occasionally taking them back of course), shows her things and always seemed to be interested and careful of her. Of course, she adored this, and it was clear by the look in her eye and the rubbernecking she did to have one eye on him at all times, that she ADORES her big cousin!

It was a great week. If only we could split ourselves and be able to be with ALL our families. We hope the Hoffmann's might make it out some year, of course I hope Dad, Clark, Mom and Jim could always be with us on the Holidays. But, that is what is beautiful about a growing family -- regardless of where we are, we are surrounded by WONDERFUL people who love us.

Peace baby

Bundled for our walks with Nana

The Howells learning to play PITCH - not sure Eric could endure another week of trying to teach a game to his wife and in-laws!

Amy and Eric surprised us all by giving Joellyn a card with the ultrasound of their BABY GIRL! They really thought it was a boy, but we all knew they really needed a little girl to complete their sweet family.

Matine was in the middle of it all, all week. She took it all in, played till she dropped, and kept her cheeks full and rosy!

Oh how she loves her daddy. She has such an eye for him right now. She is determined to catch his eye with every passing through a room and smile or giggle to make him laugh - and he does. Pete is one smitten and amazing daddy!

My mom sent Matine and I some matching PJ's- new tradition! They were adorable and they draped off Matine like she was Tom Hanks in Big - waking up in his adult clothes. She was so cute. She might be at the MOST fun age right now... We are not sure. We keep hearing it just gets better and better ... and it DOES! Merry Christmas all.

Below are more pics of the week - lots of cute ones!
2009 December - Christmas in Montana


Anonymous said...

Hey, Good to see your Christmas good times with the family. Linda and I loved the "so big" videos. Mandy was going crazy trying to figure out where the sounds were coming from as both of us were playing it. Take care.

Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

Merry Christmas you sweet Howell Family!

Meg Taylor said...

all the matching pjs are ADORABLE!!!!

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