Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Life these Days

The last few weeks have been bliss for Peter and I. We are finally used to sharing the house again (it gets really easy to hogging a bed, house, and routine when your hubby is gone for most of the fall). I am working from home, Pete is taking a brief, well-deserved working hiatus, and of course, our little girl is home with us. We have been enjoying our leisurely daily routine of coffee and the Today Show, reading books, cookie yummy breakfasts, playing games, baking treats, using the sauna, going for walks, and watching our Netflix movies! It has been cold and windy (typical for Livingston this time of year), so we don't have a moment of guilt just snuggling in and enjoying our cozy, warm house.

When the baby goes to sleep Peter and I have been OBSESSED with the 24 Series. Let me just say, "I Love Jack Bauer!" We have both been having terrorist, spy, CTU, assassin-bad ass dreams! Pete actually shook me in the middle of the night, waking me up saying, "Hurry up, we have to get to the President now... He's going to be late!" Apparently Peter has been dreaming that he was actually Jack Bauer or one of the characters from his Vince Flynn novels. We might have an addiction. I was so upset yesterday when I realized I didn't get the Netflix back in the mail in time... Now we will have to wait 2 whole days until the next CD comes!

Other things we have been up to: painted the basement floor, Pete built some storage shelves in the basement, chopping lots of firewood, shoveling snow, checking on our horses, hauling hay, buying and wrapping Christmas presents, visiting Grandma Jo, lunch with friends, making new baby foods, and much much more!

Ahhhh.... We really enjoy our life.
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Anonymous said...

Fun! I wish we could be there with you to enjoy with you.

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