Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Christmas Horse

Although Matine is too young to really know what Christmas is all about at this point and "presents" are a concept that that are completely lost on her, we still HAD to get her something to have under the tree. We needed that perfect gift that we can take pictures of and tell her years from now, "this was your first Christmas and this is what we got you." It is most definitely a present for US, not really her at this stage.

Albeit, she is completely enthralled with the little things right now - magazines (not even the whole thing, just a couple of pages will do), wooden spoons, plastic spoons, a tupperware lid, and best of all . . . her Tylenol drops container! So, why the need for us to actually spend a dime on a "present?" Because we are first time parents and it's CHRISTMAS! We just had to start our traditions (more of that coming later by the way... hee hee hee).

So, careful thought went into something she will enjoy between now and her birthday in May. Something that is cheesy cliche and that will always remind us of her "First Christmas." The final decision -- a cute and cuddly rocking horse! She loves horses, loves it when we make animal noises, enjoys "riding pony" on daddy's leg, and is starting to really get a good balance.

So, the Horse is under the tree. Of course she noticed the big stuffed horse and so we tried introducing it to her. She touches it -- cute... She pets it and bangs it a bit --- still fun . . . She pulls on it's yarn mane and tail --- cool toy! It got ugly quick as we squeezed the stallions magical ears and it made the clippity clop sounds and a demonic neigh. We really messed it up when we put her on the scary beast's back! All very bad ideas.

Our child who LOVES noises, loves horses, loves anything new, starts CRYING! Yes, we made sweet Matine cry with her magical Christmas Present. She grasps and latches on to our necks, never to let go if we walk her towards the thing. Mean Mommy and Daddy.

Since she hates the horse, we made sure to wrap up some boxes with paper and fill them with beans. We might even wrap up a fancy kitchen ladle for giggles! Since we can't get any pictures of our cute baby on her toy, here are some pictures of her friend Sully on her horse. He LOVED it.

You can watch a short video of her reaction here -- mind you, this is her TAME reaction compared to the first 6 times we tried to make her like it.

This is just a fun picture of Chubby and Sully playing the other night. Apparently Matine is to Sully what the horse is to her. He can't be around her right now without breaking into tears and wails. I guess she is a bit intimidating and scary? Is it the baldness? The baby boobs? The elephant knees? The cheeks the size of Texas? Or is it the grin that spreads across her entire face? Not sure... What is it with the Holidays?


horse training said...

Wow those are really such a sweet snaps, i like it very much.

Michal said... the baby boobs! Such a cutie patootie!! A rocking horse was Henry's first Christmas gift too. Great minds think alike, eh?

Meg Taylor said...

you won't be in tulsa for xmas... will you?

Neptune Beach Orums said...

time for a toy harley?

Jo said...

hi brooke-
i hope this isn't totally weird since i am a complete stranger but i wanted to de-stalk myself on your blog. i found it through lauren's blog who is a friend of a friend. i have a little boy, declan, who is almost 9 months so i have loved reading your entries about your ADORABLE matine since i can relate pretty well. the entry about matine having a diaper explosion in her jumperoo and the dogs licking it up??? been there, done that :) and your entry about the rocking horse cracked me up because my in-laws bought that exact horse for declan and had been hinting for weeks about this AMAZING gift they got him and how much he would love it when he saw it at thanksgiving. well, he had the same exact reaction to the horse as matine. he screamed the first time they pushed his ear. it was the first time in his life that i saw him actually be scared of something but eventually he warmed up to it...a little.
anyway, i wish i had a blog of my own for you to read but you can e-mail me at and i can always send you pictures of me and declan (you you have proof that i'm not a creepy stalker who is really a 55 year old man or something).
i love your blog and your amazing life in montana makes me incredibly envious and makes me want to move out of d.c. and into the mountains :)

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