Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting the Family Back!

Amy and Eric moved from Dillon, Montana to a ranch just outside Gillette, Wyoming about 1 year ago. ("just outside" actually means 60 miles away and 20 miles on a dirt road)

While we were excited for them to find happiness and riches in Wyoming, we really didn't like that they were a "quick 5 hour" drive away in some of the most desolate, God forsaken country imaginable.

Needless to say, when they called last week and told us that Eric had accepted his old job back in Dillon (with pay increase and better benefits) it took Grandma Jo, Pete and I literally about 24 hours to load up the cars, bring down trailers and start moving them back!

Welcome back Amy, Eric, Cash and Hoffman Baby #2! We can't wait to see you and the growing Hoffmann family more often!

(We are also hoping Amy does a little bit of working at the Patagonia Outlet again :), for our exclusive benefit of course)

Nana Jo and her favorite little Cowboy

All they are leaving behind. Goodbye Wyoming. We hope we only see you off the Interstate on our way somewhere else!

Cash and his daddy

Uncle Sneaky and the Little Man

Cash was almost walking when we were there... any day now!

The cousins enjoyed their bathtime together.
These pictures will surely be used as blackmail one day.


Melynda said...

A little harsh on Wyoming, but love the bath picture. We make sure to have plenty of bath/naked photos of the boys to show their first girlfriends. You do have to think ahead when planning to embarrass teenagers ;)

Brooke and Peter said...

i really like Wyoming for the most part... some of the prettiest places i have ever seen are there... this particular spot just isn't one of them... :)

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