Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dad and Rosa do Montana

Dad and his new gal Rosa were her from August 12-17th. They did LOTS of sightseeing, lounge time, shopping and of course, Matine admiring... here are a few of the highlights:

We went to the "Annual Chico Hot Springs Block Party." They bbq burgers, have Montana Rose play, serve great beer, and it is a really fun event to watch some great two-stepping and do some people watching. Matine LOVED the band, the dancing and the people. It was ridiculously cold and rainy for August, so we cut the evening short, but enjoyed our time while we could.

Dad and Rosa in the famous Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful standing in front of Old Faithful

We all went to a joint birthday party for Theresa Baldner and Mike Rogers at the Baldner house. Dad has been coming around enough that he of course, knew most of the folks at the Party. Scottie is a hit around town. I get asked ALL the time - "so, when's your dad going to be back... I can't wait to see him again." He is always the life of any party.

Birthday Boy Mike!

Brian and Cali Morrison and Christina Thompson at Mike and Theresa's joint birthday Bash in the Baldner's Barn

Melynda and her one year old cutie - Finn

A prego Megan, her hubbie Charles "Wolf," Pete, a very fluffy Matine and b-day girl Theresa. Matine wore a really funny hat that made her look like a pink, angry russian... I didn't get a close up somehow... Sorry.

The Baldner's view... Just a few miles North of our house, not too shabby!

We can't wait to see grandpa again in September! Dad has to coordinate his trips to MT with all his work, trips to family reunions and of course, Vegas. When you need to find Scottie, check Vegas or Montana!

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