Wednesday, July 8, 2009

She Travels Too - Phase 2

Sunday we left Stillwater and returned to Tulsa. Matine got a nice long nap (beauty sleep) that afternoon in preparation for her "Sip and See," hosted by her Aunt Michele.

The ladies (and Clark) flocked to come hold, see and shower Matine with their favorite kids books!

As usual, Michele OUTDID herself with the food, decorations and party. It was so lovely. The gals who attended came from all parts of my and my mother's life. There were longtime friends of my grand parents, my mom's best friends, and of course my friends since I was in pre-school. I'll say it again- this child has NO idea how adored she is - even from afar.

It was a great night. Clark even had a great time amongst all the women; feeling quite at home until we started the birth story and compared the genius of the epidural to the miraculous invention of the tampon(more of that will appear when I finally get the birth story posted).

Bailey holding a burrito like Matine

My cousin Monica (below) and her two beautiful girls, Bailey and Avery, drove all the way from Springdale Arkansas on Sunday to say hello to Matine and give her a "Skippy Jon Jones" book (their favorite)! They couldn't make the shower, so they came over a bit early.

Monica and Mattie

Michele throws GORGEOUS parties - with every single detail perfect.

Aunt Michele should be a professional party planner and caterer.

Cake balls - YUM!

This is my mom's best friend since 2nd grade, Susie Inman... She is wonderful.

The spread - oh so tasty!!! Have I mentioned that I have gained more weight AFTER having the baby than I did during the pregnancy? That is a bit of an exaggeration but it is close.... I need to start running badly, especially after this trip!

Aunt Susie (my dad's sister) couldn't get enough of Matine in Stillwater so she came to the shower too... As did cousins Ahna and Mandy... :)

Bonnie Meyer is a friend of my grandparents. She is an OB nurse that was in the delivery room when I was born and here she is, holding the next generation! This is quite a gal folks.


Meg Taylor said...

what a fun party! My mom was bummed out that she couldn't make it!!!!!

Lee Holladay Vernon said...

Oh that southern hospitality, decorations, and food!! That's how it's done, I say!

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