Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting Acquainted

It has been a SO MUCH FUN these 5 days since Matine has been breathing air. It is already impossible to imagine what our lives were like less than a week ago.

We are settling in very nicely to our new life here at home.

Lots of lazy mornings and quiet nights . . .

Getting to know Grandpa and loving all his goofy faces, voices and complete adoration of Matine!

No lie, she sleeps 4 hours + at a time. Only wakes up ONCE at night to eat, look around and promptly goes back to sleep, and we hardly know what her "cry" even sounds like. She fusses over nothing. When she is awake she is bright eyed and so curious about her little world. She can stare at you for an hour straight and she can pick up her head and turn it from side to side and back and forth already! She eats like a champ and seems to be the happiest baby on the block! Mom is even napping during the day!

Do we sound like proud parents or what?

She is LOVING getting to know her Nona Kerri, Grandpa Jim, and Grandpa Scott. They are all here and hardly letting her go 5 minutes without some sort of kiss, praise or sweet touch. They are already crying just thinking about leaving her.

We love our quiet mornings and nights in bed the best - Pete and I find ourselves giddy with grins a mile wide just marveling that she is really here and that she is so much more than we could have imagined.

I love her little nose and profile!

This is Pete at 4:30 in the morning while Matine and I do our one nightime feeding!
Who knew Pete was such a princess?

This morning we ventured beyond the yard on a beautiful spring morning and walked downtown to our favorite local hangout and coffee shop - Chadz. She was welcomed by her "village" and it was so fun for Peter to finally use that Baby Bjorn he has been eying for 9 months. That man looked so cute walking a baby covered in pink from head to toe! Mom went a bit overboard with the layering in preparation for any weather condition... We ended up having to strip a few layers to keep her from sweating to death.

Pete and Jim have become inseperable since they arrived... Jim helping Pete with the ongoing sauna project, ranch work and any other manly thing that keeps Peter busy but close to the house.

In case you were wondering, the sauna is still underway and has come a long way! Pete, Jim, Scott and Tom have been slaving away every single day from sun up to sundown... it looks like a very cool old "saloon" with lots of character and like it was built in that perfect spot of the yard for years. We are hoping to see it complete soon and start enjoying our long soaks!


Suzanne Watson said...

Brooke, She is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Congrats. We are thrilled for you guys!

Rachel Melone said...

Seriously. I am so so happy for you! How lucky you are to have such a sweet, sleeping through the night, baby!!! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Yea for the first outing! Your Dad is adorable with her. She is so sweet.

Monica said...

Brookeeeeee, She is a DOLL! I love hearing all about her and how well ya'll are doing! Bailey was the same "sleep thru the night" baby, but Avery on the other hand... we were lucky to go 2 hours sleeping!

Molly said...

Precious to hear of how you have fallen in love with your daughter. Isn't this amazing? Pretty intense stuff this parenting is! Just wait 'til she tells you she loves you!

Thanks for letting us peak in on your sweetheart! She's perfect.

Meg Taylor said...

you don't even look like you just had a baby!!! I love Matine updates! she is beautiful!!!!!!!

I'm sorry to hear about your nona!!! Is your mom back in Montana?

Jacqueline said...

I love the siding on the sauna...can't wait to come over and try it so that I can get my own! ;) lol Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brooke, Such a cutie! This sleeping all the time is amazing. You look wonderful also!
Wow! The sauna looks pretty cool. Kinda got that saloon look with the porch. Great that Scott got back there so soon, but he said he would!

Linda and Ron

lauren and brad said...

I love hearing these bonding stories! Congrats again and again...and brooke! She is so gorgeous!

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