Monday, May 25, 2009

2 Weeks Old and 2 YEARS Worth of Projects

The latest talk of the town - Jim and Kerri Bynum! Since they showed up on May 2nd, they have slaved joyously and worked so hard on projects around our house, our friend's homes, helped Peter with his ranch job, fix-it's on his rental house, and today Jim was even scheduled to help a neighbor with a construction project for a paying customer.

These two know how to get things done! I am amazed at all the things that have been done in this short month. Here are a FEW!!! Many, many more little odds and ends that I didn't bore you with pictures of. To add to the madness - Peter and Jim had to stop working on stuff at our house to gut and re-do Pete's rental house bathroom which finally bit the dust. Pete has to guide out of town for 2 days, so they have been there from 6am-midnight for 2 days trying to get it done. Couple that with working at the ranch here and there... We have hardly seen these two new best buds... They are working really hard and having a ball doing it.

Sauna project almost complete!

The brown, wooden box will be hung up and under the window - thanks to Mom's construction, painting and addition of the pretty flowers.

I finally planted my veggie garden... Soon it will be abundant with fresh edible goodness.

Mom's design and idea --- a "buffet" on our porch for when we entertain our friends with storage and uniform recycling bins.... Genius! Jim's super duper handy work had this thing built in a day.

Finally, the day has come - WE WILL HAVE A DISHWASHER and garbage disposal! Many of you have begged and asked when this would happen. Well, we finally had someone here that could cut the hole, run the electrical and do a really nice job of it. What you see is the "before." Today the dude from Lowe's is coming to install it.

A blog post wouldn't be complete without cutie pie pics of Matine.

Her faces are incredible. She gets more alert and animated every day!

This is me - LOVING every minute of this kid! We happened to be wearing matching outfits this day - not planned, I promise.


tim, ally and silas said...

these projects look like a blast! and i love seeing you be a mom!!! she is beautiful and so are you!

Jacqueline said...

Horray for dishwashers and saunas!!!

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