Friday, April 24, 2009


This is what I feel like right now.

Happy Cow

Peter has been "joking" and telling everyone that he thinks I will be "calving soon." Isn't that sweet . . . He says this because: I am anxious, move around a lot, overly tired, walk like I have a bowling ball in my crotch, and probably because I am generally unbearable.

The weather has also changed DRASTICALLY here (typical Montana spring). This is usually when cows have their babies - during the worst weather of the spring. Two days ago it was sunny and 80 degrees - this morning I shoveled 1.5 feet of snow off our cars. Go figure. We were both hoping this weather system would pop this calf right out.

It is amazing how literally OVERNIGHT my comfort level and body changed. Yesterday I was walking normal, no pains or un-comforts, just a few little practice "surges" - all was fine. Last night I layed awake for what felt like an hour feeling these "Braxton Hicks contractions" or "surges." They weren't painful at all... Just noticeable.

Today, I feel like someone took a bat to my abdomen and "pelvic region." TMI? Sorry....

Anyways, our Doc told me on Thursday that her head was way down and not going anywhere. And I can tell you that it is way - way down since she even told me that.

Baby coming soon? I sure hope so! We will be at 39 Weeks on Monday and I think that sounds like a real peachy time to have a baby!


Monica said...

I can't wait to hear/read the news that Baby Howell has arrived! (And what her name is...)

lauren and brad said...

That baby has DROPPED! :)

So soon, dear friend, so soon! I can hardly contain my excitement!

Michal said...

I am so freaking excited!! Checking your blog, facebook, email religiously until I hear the news.

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