Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mustache March arrived!

We kicked off the first day of Spring with the anticipated "Mustache March" party at the Blanks!

Fun and laughs were had by all!

Yes he did... This is how he presented the "stache" for the big party! We call it the Pedro...

Of course the ladies had mustaches too! Thanks to Jeanette who bought online a package of stick on mustaches for every day of the week! The one you see me modeling above is Saturday's Mustache - titled "The Sheriff."

Bob and Jeanette

Bob's stache was au natural... His wife Meg stayed home with their twins that night and demanded the facial hair come off before he went to bed. Jeanette's mustache was quite a sight... Almost identical to her actual hair color and freakishly attractive on such a pretty lady.

Bob, Jeanette, Dewit and Matt

These folks all work together at an engineering and environmental design firm... Should these picture be on their brochure? Would you trust this man to re-build your wetlands?

The ladies... I mean ????

Levia sported the Mustache AND the Muff!

Even the baby had a Mustache!

Mike did the upside down chin stache... It looks a bit like a Milk stain around his face... Very gross!

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Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...


I needed to smile - thank you! Meggan

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