Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Washington Road Trip - Part 1

Our gypsy-esque crazy whirlwind of a road trip in 3 parts. Peter, Brooke, baby, mom, Jim, and 3 dogs - all in a Suburban - to the West Coast and back. We all survived (and had a really great time too)!

The "parts" of the vacation are really in no particular order - I am just trying to get them posted before Matine's first birthday in May!

The ferry from Edmonton to Bainbridge

Nona and Jim Pa ride ferries too!

On the Olympic Peninsula - we visited the beautiful beaches on the Pacific!

It being a National Park, the dogs weren't allowed on any of the beautiful trails we hiked. So, this was one of the few places the dogs got to run around (and we aren't sure it was even legal here...) Hey, a dog HAS to run somewhere on that Island! They loved their first saltwater / beach experience.

Matine liked the ocean too!

The coolest part of the trip (not really, but it's good fodder) was the "Twilight Themed" everything in Forks, Washington! This town hit the jackpot when Stephanie Meyer decided to base her blockbuster story in this no-where town. There were "Dazzled By Twilight" tours and gift shops everywhere. You could choose "Twilight-themed hotel rooms, "menu items at any restaurant, it goes ON! It was madness! This town of 1,000 does 4-tours a day of the "sights" that occur in the book in the summertime!

In the store, Matine was totally freaked out by all the vampire stuff. I personally thought it was awesome that I could by Edward shoelaces, Bella make-up, werewolf pj's, tea, coffee, stickers, baby onesies, mugs, key chains, chapstick underwear, place settings, practically ANYTHING Twilight. I really need to join the rest of the Planet and read those books now!

On our way to the Hoh Rainforest for a hike, we had to stop at "Oliver's Store!"

Big tree - LOTS of BIG, old trees.

Ahhh... Matine was a gem and loved the big green forests. You heard her in the backpack "oohhhing and ahhhhing" and giggling.

Ah, lush green temperate rain forests - oh, so pretty!

Nona and Jim Pa - so cute and having so much fun!

Merymere Falls - Very cool little hike on our 2nd day in Olympic National Park. Where are the dogs you ask? Oh yeah, they are locked in the CAR because they couldn't be on trails - poor puppies. They would have LOVED the waterfalls too!

Lake Crescent - Olympic Peninsula - very beautiful lake.

While we visited all these lovely sights, Peter was steelhead fishing! Boy did he and Wofford and Gary have fun!

Pete and Mr. Steelhead.
Wofford and Mrs. Steelhead.

Are we having fun yet?

Final farewell breakfast to Wofford and Gary - see you next March in Washington boys!

Another ferry ride and now to downtown Seattle! Pike Place Market - so colorful, aromatic and fun! Fish, produce, flowers, music - everything was so fresh, tasty and lively!

Matine on Big Brass Pig.

Matine gets her first taste of fresh, warm doughnut with sprinkles. Yes, she liked it. Can't imagine why.

This pic is for you Michal!

Doesn't Jim look lovely holding the fresh bouquet of flowers?

The bubble gum wall - yes, that is one small portion of a wall covered in previously chewed bubble gum - cheap and clever decorating tip I say.

Tuckered out little traveler... So many more miles to go and people to see ...

More of our vacation to come.


Molly said...

What wonderful pictures! You live such an incredible and fun life Brooke! You are beyond blessed and I love seeing how much you enjoy it! Blessings!

Michal said...

Oh so many pictures that made me smile. The big brass pig - I have a picture w/ the stranger that drove us around in his Miata on that pig! And the big ass grapes - oh how sweet those were...especially when you're penniless in Seattle...I think that was the first and last time I ever stole food of any kind. Next time I'm in Seattle, I'll be sure to pay my $2.99. And then there were the big, can't get your arms around them, trees. So fabulous. Love you, love the NW, love the memories.

Anonymous said...

Nice brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

Bibi said...

OMG!! I would love to see forks - I am a twihard dorkasaurus . . . We actually listened to all of the Twilight audio books as we were driving out to see you guys.

Matine is a beauty, can't wait for her to play with Brynnie again.
Love you!

Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

FUN!! FUN!! My absolute favorite is her sleeping in the car. What a great selection of pictures from your trip! Thanks so much for coming last night - it was so great to see you two!!! Meggan

The Peevyhouse's said...

Checking in on you all today! We have been SUPER busy with three around here. However, this morning was especially quiet and sweet Eden was curled up on my lap looking at your blog with me. When I came to the pics of your hike and the big trees she said to me, "Momma, I go there!!". :)
Happy Day to you, just had to share.
Grace and Peace,

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