Friday, October 23, 2009

Real Life - The Office

Taken from a recent email exchange with an un-named friend... I laughed really hard. Especially after watching anything like the Office or Office Space. We all know how strangely accurate this is. If threaten to take a job in an office again someday - please stop me!

One of the secretaries in my "room" is 99% deaf and she has me take her calls for her. She has me translate something ALL THE DAMN TIME AND IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY. But, she has a big candy bowl on her desk so that helps make up for it. There has been an ongoing email from the receptionist because someone keeps messing with the time released air freshener thingy in the bathroom.

Oh, and I also literally got in trouble from the lady that is in charge of ordering all the office supplies because I was using the stapler that was specially to be left in the copy room. Seriously seriously????? Oh, and the really old deaf lady will send me an email and then also print it off and set it in my chair. Really???? Does she not understand how emailing works? So, do I send her an email back and then also print off my response and set it on her desk? Or do I just respond to the email like a normal person?


Lee Holladay Vernon said...

Yeahhhhhh, did you get the memo?

kerri said...

this reminded me of why I'm glad to be retired!

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